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Volunteer Recognition


Top 3 Construction Volunteers

Rand Aspinwall
(173 Hours)

Bill Lydon
(143 Hours)

Matt Pey
(132 Hours)

Top 3 ReStore Volunteers

Daniel Wheeler
(162 Hours)

Elizabeth Pleskonko
(99 Hours)

Barbara Ryan
(68 Hours)

Top Office Volunteers

Jean Hrize
(402 Hours)

Joy Siegel
(94 Hours)


As an immigrant, the American dream is real to me. Owning your own home is part of that dream. Over the years, I have been the recipient of other people's generous spirit. Being a volunteer at Habitat BMC gives meaning to my life. It is how I hope to show my gratitude to those who have shown kindness and generosity to me. I believe that more is achieved when we work together as a community.